Be prepared to take cover behind the many bunkers, man-made walls and graveyard tombstones in this field to meet your objective. Depending on your position in the Wild Wild West, your goal is to either protect the castle at all costs or take it by storm, with the ultimate objective of eliminating the opposition.


This classic, modern tournament style paintball is generally played by 3 v. 3, 5 v. 5 or 7 v. 7, and we can host up to 10 v. 10. The field is shorter, thus being called speedball. Amateurs and pros practice and play tournaments on these fields. Fast-paced play and communication is key with your team if you want to avoid elimination in speedball.

  • 2 Speedball Changeable Air Ball Courses with Inflatable Bunkers

  • 2 Tournament-Sized Fields

  • The Only Field in the Area to Offer 2 Fully Turfed Speedball Fields

  • Watch Tournament Play from Our Exclusive Sky Deck


This large field has a wall running smack down the middle of it as well as numerous bunkers for you to hide behind. Be aware of where you are going as you run, jump and hide while you strategize to meet your goal of eliminating the opposing team or capturing the flag to bring it back to your home base for victory.


Monsters, the opposing team, is moving throughout this field, and it is the goal of your team to eliminate them. Keep the momentum going as you move through the field, hiding behind the doors and barrels. Just remember to keep moving and communicating with your team to be triumphant.

Fun Fact:  The correct term for a paintball gun is “paintball marker”. The first paintball guns were never intended to be used on people, rather were created for marking trees and cattle.


You will find classic paintball at its finest in this field. As you step into this thick, wooded field, you will discover two ways to flank the enemy as well as many obstacles and a small trench running down the middle of the field where you will try to be the first team to eliminate the competition. Your goal is to find cover, hunt down the enemy and plan on how to take your victory on this classic Woods ballfield!

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Come and check out the only raised viewing deck in the entire Houston area! Our two speedball fields are separated by our amazing Sky Deck, which is a viewing deck that is safe to watch both fields play from a higher vantage point. Playing or spectating we have a great space for you.



We want our guests to have a great paintball experience on and off the field. Groups and walk on players have plenty of space to get set up for the day. Our covered staging area includes many picnic tables and offers shade to help make a great paintball experience you will never forget.


Gather your friends, family or co-workers for a special occasion or have a ball meeting new people and making new friends at Texas Legends Paintball.

  • Safe & Family-Friendly Playing Environment: We have a staff member on site that has been trained and certified in CPR and basic First Aid.
  • Walk on Play: This is a great opportunity to make new friends if you want to get out and play for the day and don’t care who you are matched up against.
  • More Paintballs to Start than Most Other Fields: Each player receives a minimum of 500 paintballs to get out and have a blast.
  • Gelly Ball Means Fun for the Younger Crowd: We offer super low impact paintball so the kiddos as young as four or five years old can play too.

  • Not Your Average Birthday Party Location: Unlike many other places, there is no time limit, and you are provided with all the rental equipment and a party host the entire time.

  • Covered Area with Picnic Tables and Fans: Outside food and drinks are allowed, and we can refrigerate a cake or ice cream, if needed.

  • Make it a Day of Fun at the Park: We offer free gas grills if your group wants to spend the day and enjoy a group cookout.

  • We Use Biodegradable Paint: You don’t have to worry about paint harming the environment or staining clothing if it is washed in a reasonable time frame.

Let us show you great fun!

Schedule your next birthday party celebration or make a group reservation to play.

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