Standard $35 +tax per player up to 10 players (flat rate for 6-10 is $350+tax), additional players above 10 is $25 +tax per additional person

  • Use of Blaster & Goggles
  • Private referee, play with just your friends and family
  • UNLIMITED AMMO for three hours of play!! (Plenty of time for Pizza and Cake)
  • Covered picnic tables for your part with fans for those hot summer days

$45 + Tax


Full Rental Package/ Individual

(This includes all-day admission, unlimited air refills, 500 paintballs, standard marker, hopper, mask, and HP Air tank)

$35 + Tax


Gear + Paintballs

(This includes all rental gear and  220~ paintballs)

$34 + Tax

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Admission & Paint (1 bag)

(For people who have their own gear, but want to buy a bag of paint with their entry, this is a 4 dollar discount from buying paint by the bag)

$21 + Tax

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(This is for players that have their own gear and don’t need rental gear. It will include entry to the park all day and unlimited air refills.)


Includes: Private referee and private games and a full rental package setup per person, all day admission, unlimited air refills, standard marker, hopper, mask, and HP Air tank.

Cancellation/Rain out policy: Texas Legends Paintball continues normal play and operation during rain. During weather events involving lightning, play will be postponed in the covered area until it passes. If a group decides not to play in the rain, a refund or reschedule is available if notice is given within 48 hours of the scheduled event.

Late policy: If a group is a no call, no show, or if a cancellation is made within 8 hours of the scheduled event time, the group event will be cancelled and the deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. The deposit can be put towards another date and time only.

If the group is more than 0.5 hours late arriving for the scheduled event time, there will be a $25 late charge as well as an additional $25 per 0.5 hours delay after scheduled event start time due to late arrival.

Deluxe Package

Group of 6-10 people: $450+Tax/total flat rate

Includes 5000 Paintballs



Group of 10-14 people

500 Paintballs Per Player for Groups of 10+

Group of 15-19 people: $43+Tax/person

Group of 20-29 people: $41+Tax/person

Group of 30+ people: $39+Tax/person

Basic Package

Group of 6-10 people: $350+Tax/total flat rate

Includes 3000 Paintballs



Group of 10-30 people

300 Paintballs Per Player for Groups of 10+

Church Groups

If you are affiliated with a NPO such as a church, youth or young adults group please call for pricing

texas legends paintball


1 Bag of field grade paint (500 balls)

paintball fields


1 Case of field grade (2000 balls)

paintball arena


1 Case of premium paint (2000 balls) Upgraded rental Markers can be purchased for an additional 10$

Safe Fun For Everyone

Create memories of fun for your group today.

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